6 Tips For Accessing Your Checking Account Abroad

My Money May 03, 2016

If you’re overseas enjoying your next vacation, you may need to access your checking account funds.  You can use online or mobile banking to check your balance while touring Paris or transfer money between accounts while riding the train in Tokyo. But you’ll want to make sure you’re doing so safely and securely.

Keep these six tips in mind when using online or mobile banking while away from home.

1.  Let Your Bank Know Before You Depart
Before you leave on your trip, contact your bank to let them know your intended destination. Your banker can place a travel notification on your checking and credit card accounts with a list of the countries you’ll be visiting. Without this, your bank may see your debit or credit card use as fraudulent and put a hold on spending until you can verify the purchase. Calling in advance makes using your debit card or travel rewards credit cards easy while overseas.

2.  Schedule Online Bill Payments in Advance
Although you could pay your bills while traveling, scheduling them in advance through online or mobile banking can be a savvy move. While you’re away, you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on vacation fun and relaxation.

3.  Remember That ATM Withdrawal Limits May Still Apply
If you need extra cash while you’re on vacation, ATM access may be a quick and convenient option. Just keep in mind that any maximum withdrawal amounts or daily withdrawal limits may still apply abroad.

4.  Protect Your Mobile Device With a Password
Password protecting your mobile devices is always a good idea, but it’s especially important if you think you’ll be using mobile banking while on vacation. Adding password protection to your devices adds another level of protection to help keep your banking information secure should your device be lost or stolen.

5.  Consider Roaming or Data Charges When Overseas
You can enjoy the convenience of mobile banking using your smartphone or tablet while traveling. However, be sure to check with your mobile service provider to determine what, if any, mobile data and roaming charges apply when using your device overseas.

6.  Log Out After Banking Online
Whether you’re making mobile payments or transferring cash between accounts, always log out after banking online from your mobile device or a shared computer. This helps ensure that no one else can access to your account.

Visit usbank.com for more information about accessing your checking account funds while traveling.