Bang For Your Buck: Home Improvement Investments

My Home September 05, 2017

Have you ever wondered whether a home improvement project is “worth it” in the sense of cost versus recovery? There are many home improvement plans and projects that homeowners often consider to update their current home – and many of them can be done themselves, without professional help.

A homeowner can upgrade kitchens and bathrooms, turn minimally used parts of the homes such as the attic and basement into functional living spaces or simply replace and upgrade outdated parts of the interior and exterior. However, homeowners might delay or ignore home improvement plans and projects simply because they don’t know whether renovating will be worth the cost. Others may delay a project because the financing aspect could be a hurdle.

Thanks to the data on this chart, we can see how much the following nine home improvement investment projects can expect to recoup.

1) Roof Upgrade – Having a roof over your head is one thing, but having a reliable one is another. A homeowner who makes an upgrade for energy efficiency, structural integrity or both can expect on average a recoup of 67.6 percent on such an important project.

2) Window Replacement – Replacing your windows will recoup 78.7 percent for vinyl and 79.3 percent for wood. It is also a great way to stay cooler in the summertime and warmer in winter. Think what that will do to your heating and electricity bill!

3) Vinyl Siding Replacement – If your home has vinyl siding, a replacement yields an average recoup of 78.2 percent. You can also replace the material with vinyl siding that is more energy efficient, which can help with the utility bill as well.

4) Entry Door Replacement – Enhance your home’s all-important first impression. Giving your door a facelift and reinforcing your entryway is a quick and effective project that will recoup 96.6 percent on average, the best cost recovery on the list!

5) Attic Bedroom – If you have the space, have you ever considered converting the attic into an additional bedroom? You can add a cozy guest room to your house and recoup on average 84.3 percent of the home improvement costs.

6) Bathroom Remodel – A beautifully remodeled bathroom is a wonderful way to improve the aesthetics of your interior. Bathrooms may be a small part of the home, but upgrading an outdated look makes a huge difference – even if it’s just upgrading the knobs on the cabinets! If a homeowner wants to move forward with this project, he or she can expect to recoup 72.5 percent on average.

7) Deck Addition – Building a deck will add to the utility of your backyard and increase valuable social time with your friends and family. With an average recoup of 87.4 percent, it’s also one of the most solid upgrades from a financial standpoint.

8) Kitchen Remodel – A remodeled kitchen is one of the biggest features that a buyer is attracted to when shopping for a new home. With an average recoupment of 72.4 percent, the sellers can increase the marketability of their home and recoup most of the cost as well.

9) Basement Remodel – An area of the home that is often overlooked for remodeling is the basement. Storage doesn’t need to be the only purpose of your basement, and it can effectively co-exist with useful living space. Turning a basement into a fun, functional recreational room will have an average recoup of 77.6 percent.

Now that we’ve helped answer your questions about recouping home improvements and the costs of specific projects, let us help you consider the financing aspect. No matter which home improvement project you may decide to undertake, they all require funding.

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